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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Photo's of Billycarts

The Billycart Derby is fasting approaching and teams are gearing up for the big day on Thursday 11th December.

Parents dont forget the Auction that is happening at the end of the day and you can bid for your childs awesome cart!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Funny Epitaphs

Here Lies James
He got killed by his games
He play a lot
And lost the plot
See ya James and ya games.

By Duncan

Flying in the sky was superman
He flew into spiderman
They fell
Now they are in hell

by Shaun

Here lies Kyle
He ran the quickest mile
There was lightning
Scary and frightening
Then the thunder
Now he's 8 feet under.

By Jordan

Elvis was found in the sink
With tics tac's in his drink
He thought he could sing
But he could only be the KING

By Tori

I thought I saw a dove
It looked extremely in love
It flew overseas
While breaking his knees
I found his name
It sound like James

By Chloe

He had a fake ear
He drank lots of beer
Because he could hear
That poor Shakespear

By Martina

Here lies a lawyer
Who was a real boiler
He lost a debate
Then he had a headache.

By Shannel

Here is Mr Shig.
Who went to a gig
He left his drink unattended
And he was befriended,
By his dead friend with a purse
They live happily ever after in a hearse.

By Nat H

Here lies Nat
She got beat by a cat
Bruised and battered
But she was not flattered.

By Liam

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

5 Mile Creek Presentations

This week students presented their 5 Mile Creek houses models and did a wonderful job. The students discussed all the exciting things they have learnt this term, about being an adult and living with "stress!"

Monday, August 4, 2008

5 Mile Creek.....

Five Mile Creek!!!
File Mile Creek is our integrated subject for term 3.We have been looking at houses, what makes a home and also learning about sub-division. We had to sub-divide five mile creek! To do this, we had to have at least 100 squares of shops and plaza’s, at least have 20 houses and to fill up the whole area of five mile creek. For some it took 3 days and for others it took a week. But the teachers had a surprise for us…..we also had to give our land value! That definitely took a week! After we had done the land valuation we had to pick a job out of the hat and we would be stuck with that job and profile. Our profiles gradually became bigger and we did an activity to see what our superannuation and stuff like that are. Then we worked our regular income. Nowadays we are developing our floor plan for one of the houses in our five mile creek plan
By Natalie H!

Term 2 Canberra Camp & 5/6 Election!

Last term the 5/6’s learnt about the Australian government and how it works. So we did so much work that the teachers were so tired and after camp to, can you imagine!!!! We went to Canberra for our camp. For a whole week it was a lot of fun. On the first day everyone was so excited but it was so boring. We stopped at the edemougha pub for lunch, and then we visited different stops on the why like the dog on the tucker box and so on. On to the mint that was cool!!!. On the second day we went to the high court of Australia. Court 2 was sitting (court of appeal) and seen all the other courts, then lunch we had pizza, then electoral education centre, then the national film and sound archives and then a drive past some embassies and at night we swam in the A.I.S swimming pool.

On the third day national museum, then Australian institute of sport, then Questacon that was fun!!! I went on the free fall 7.2m tall on a bar an then let go.

On Thursday we went to Parliament House and we did a role play and I was p.m., then off to the war memorial that was so interesting.

Then our trip back home that was so boring. That was our trip to Canberra
When we got back we had an election I was the leader for the Blue Monkey Lakers we won that was so fun!!!!

By Liam.G